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With 300 sunny days a year Calabria has warm days all year round.  Calabria has the least number of rainy days and the highest number of sunshine hours in Italy.

On average, there are four to five hours of sun a day in winter and up to ten or eleven in the summer months.

Even in the winter months (December until February) the warm Scirocco wind which comes from Africa, often brings spring temperatures. Calabria's minimum temperatures are nor far off British Maximum temperatures and with approx 2 hours a day more sunshine you are sure of a warm welcome in Calabria.

Calabria has officially got one of the best climates in Europe for health and happiness according to the World Health Organisation and an EU survey.

Weather in Calabria is consistently pleasureable year-round.

Below is the current weather and forecast for the next 3 days.

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Mr and Mrs S - London said:

 ... it was Italy as I'd imagined it would be - free from the more tourist tainted areas that I've visited before.